St. James School seeks to provide for intellectual, moral, emotional, and physical growth in our young people within a Christ-centered atmosphere. Our school, with the support and cooperation of the parents, strives to prepare its students to proclaim the Good News and to translate this proclamation into action.

Here, students are instructed in human knowledge and skills, valued for their own worth, simultaneously deriving their most profound significance from God's plan for Creation. Instruction in religious truth and values is an integral part of the school program. Religious education is not "one more subject" alongside the rest, but it is perceived as the underlying reality in which the students’ experiences of learning and living achieve their deepest meaning.

The formation objectives at St. James School will be implemented by participating in an organized program of religious education, liturgies celebrating the Eucharist and the reception of the sacraments.

The instructional objectives follow the various courses of study presented by the Office of Lifelong Formation and Education of the Archdiocese of Louisville. All school activities are integrated around the human relationship to God and the individual's relationship to others.

The Archdiocese of Louisville Catholic Schools Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

The Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Louisville exist to serve and engage young people in response to the call of Jesus Christ to “teach all nations.” In partnership with families and parishes, we seek to form our students, and through them, transform our world in light of the Gospel message. Our diverse community of schools, each with its own unique history, spirit, and tradition, prepares our graduates to live their faith as maturing adults and provide Christian leadership for Church and society.

Vision Statement

As stewards of Catholic education, our community of schools leads the way to a just and life giving future without limits. Through collaboration, our faith and learning communities empower each other to celebrate our Catholic teachings, achieve academic excellence, embrace diversity, accept challenges, take risks, and seek God’s image in self and others.

We are called to transform oneself, one another, and the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this complex time of rapid change.