The St. James Athletic program, in partnership with St. Agnes Athletics, under the guidance of an Athletic Director, serves to provide opportunities for students to participate in well-organized, supervised, competitive sports in accordance with the Catholic School Athletic Association (CSAA). All students are encouraged to participate on the athletic teams. St. James/St. Agnes provides coaches to supervise the individual teams and exclusively make decisions regarding the best interests of each team, such as playing and practice times. The athletic program exists under Christian principles and provides healthy activity for the students. A program of this nature needs the cooperation of all involved. Athletic participation is open to students of St. James School, as well as children of parish families from St James and St Brigid who attend other schools.

The Athletic Program is committed to the following ideals:
  • Promoting good sportsmanship and respect for teammates, coaches, officials, and competitors.
  • Enabling each participant to play at his/her ability level;
  • Being a source of fun and pride for students, parents, and faculty;
  • Keeping academic achievement as a first priority;
  • Encouraging a variety of athletic activities;
  • Promoting fitness and teamwork;
  • Enjoying the challenges of competition and appreciating the lessons for life that sports provide
  • Providing instruction that enables each participant to develop his/her athletic potential;
  • Ensuring significant playing time for participants based upon effort and commitment rather than athletic ability;
  • Providing coaches who regard themselves first and foremost as teachers;
  • Developing a sound body which enhances the development of a sound mind.
The above stated ideals and commitments will be striven for and supported by the Pastor, Principal, Faculty, Athletic Director, Athletic Committee, Coaches, Parents and Students. Through cooperation from all involved, athletics at Saint James will provide a positive learning experience for our young students while distinguish itself as a leader in inclusive athletics.

Girls' sports activities sponsored by St. James/St. Agnes: volleyball, basketball, golf, swimming and cheerleading.