Teacher’s Name: Ms. Mary Bush
Jeff Purichia

My name is Mary Bush. This is my first year at St. James. I received a Bachlor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Louisville. I received a Master's in the Art of Teaching 5-9 from Bellermine University. I try to create a warm and fun learning environment. My goal is to teach students how to be productive citizens along with the Catholic Faith. I look forward to an exciting and productive school year!

Snow Packet

Snow Packets

3rd Grade Math
5th Grade Social Studies
6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
4th Grade Math
3rd Grade Religion
4th Grade Religion
5th Grade Science
4rd Grade Science
Computer Class 3rd Grade(Monday)
Computer Class 4th Grade (Monday)
Library (3rd Grade Tuesday 4th Grade - Friday)
Music Class 3rd Grade (Thursday)
Music Class 4th Grade (Wednesday)
PE Class 5th (Wednesday) 6th (Tuesday)