St. James School has many extracurricular activities available to students.

Book Bee (Grades 4th - 8th)

Book Bee is a competition between schools which takes place in the Archdiocese of Louisville in the spring of each year.

Students in grades fourth through eighth read books on the Book Bee list. Questions from these books are developed and used for the year-end competition. Students practice with their respective teams throughout the year in preparation for the tournament. A group of students choose a book and attempt to become proficient in the knowledge of all aspects of the story.

Book Bee Philosophy

Book Bee originated with the idea that reading is fun! It has been designed to increase enthusiasm for reading and to give students a chance to be part of a team.

The books used in Book Bee have been chosen on a variety of subjects and to expose students to many genres. Some of the books address social issues such as racism, treatment of the elderly, and child abuse. Other books are adventure stories, fantasies or science fiction. The books include a variety of reading levels within one grade. In every grade there is a book for everyone.

With this in mind, suggestions for forming a Book Bee team are:
  1. All students are encouraged to participate.
  2. Reading all the Book Bee books should not be required to be a member of the team. (Not all the books on a list are necessarily appropriate for all students.)
  3. Emphasis should be placed on student generated study. This may include the students making up practice questions, discussing the books, and encouraging teammates.
  4. The role of the adult sponsor should be limited to scheduler, organizer, and facilitator.

Book Bee 2016-2017

Download Book Bee List 2016-2017

Student Government (All Students)

All students, K - 8, can be involved with student government. Students sign up to be representatives from their classes. Meetings are scheduled periodically throughout the year with students deciding which projects they wish to take on for the year.

The student government also sponsors the Santa Brunch which takes place in early December.

Quick Recall (Grades 5th - 8th)

Chess Club (2nd - 8th)