Philosophy of the Monsignor Horrigan Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten Program

At Monsignor Horrigan Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten we encourage and support the development of each child. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere which stimulates Christian attitudes and values. We also believe it is important to help children have fun as they learn, since play is a young child's way of acquiring knowledge. The overall development (intellectual, social, emotional and physical) of the child is our priority. A positive self-image through successful educational experiences is fundamental to our program.

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2015-16 Child Development Tuition Rates

Preschool Teachers and Aides


Mary Fante
Pre-School Teacher

I have been assisting and teaching at St. James School and the Monsignor Horrigan Pre-School and Pre-K Program for 18 years. Prior to St. James, I tutored students in the Specialized Reading Program at St. Raphael School for over 5 years. I have taught Religion to most grades at St. James. I am blessed to be back in Pre-School where I can foster a faith filled environment to pre-school students while exposing each child to all learning styles. It is a priority for my students to have fun while learning and develop an "I can do it" attitude. My students’ families are just as important to me as we share in their precious child’s growing and learning.

Karen Johnson
Pre-School Teacher

Pre-School Supply List

1 – Backpack (Big enough to hold a 9 x 12 Folder)
1 – Change of Clothes
2 – Packages of Baby Wipes
1 – 3 Pack of Paper Towels
1 – 3 Pack of Tissues
1 – 3 Pack of Elmer’s Glue Sticks (Large Size)
1 – 8 Pack of Watercolors Paint (Crayola Brand and write name on it)
1 – Box of Gallon Size Plastic Zip Lock Bags
1 – Box of Sandwich Size Plastic Zip Lock Bags
1 – Ream of any Color Copy Paper (not white)
1 – 4 Pack of Play-doh

Boys –
1 Package of Watercolor Markers
2 Bottles of Hand Soap (does not need to be anti-bacterial)

Girls –
1 Package of Colored Pencils
2 Packages of Disinfectant Wipes

Preschool Schedule

  1. Greeting, attendance, prayer, weather watching, calendar, language and math skills
  2. Snack
  3. Show and tell
  4. Enrichment classes (computer, library, music, physical education, Spanish)
  5. Music and movement, games, group activities, sand table small motor skills, outside or gym play/large motor skills
  6. Unit topic, art activity, learning centers
  7. Story/end of the day wrap-up, ABC/number songs, poems, fingerplays
  8. Dismissal

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers and Aides

Marsha Cashon
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Marsha Cashon and I am a Pre-k teacher at Monsignor Horrigan Child Devlopment Center, for Pre-School and Pre-K at St. James School. I have been teaching and assisting at St. James since 1996. Prior to that I was a teacher’s assistant at Shively Day Care for 18 years and Edu-Play for two years. I don’t believe there is anything more rewarding than seeing a small child’s smile after they have successfully accomplished a task. My goal is that my kids will know enough to excel at the next level.

Ellie Herbert

Becky Hoskins

Pre-Kindergarten Supply List

1 - Package of small cups (4-6 OUNCES)
2 - Paper Towel Rolls
1 - Large pack of napkins
1 - Pack of baby wipes
1 - Container of bleach wipes
1 - Pack of glue sticks
1 - Pack of Crayola Markers (BROAD LINE)
1 - Pack of paper plates
Boys~ large size
Girls~ small size
1 - Package of stickers (ANY KIND)
1 - Roll of ribbon (ANY COLOR)
1 - Fiskar Scissors (POINTED TIP)
1 - Pack of paper
Boys~ Cardstock
Girls~ Color Copy Paper
1 - Package with four colors Play-Doh
1 - Set of Crayola Watercolors (WITH 8 COLORS)
1 - Package of #2 pencils
2 - Boxes of Kleenex Tissues
1 - Box of storage bags
Boys~ Gallon size
Girls~ Quart size