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Our School ID Number: 7297

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Target send Take Charge of Education Checks?
Checks are made out to the school and are sent to the attention of the principal.

How often will my designated school receive a check?
Checks are mailed once a year during September. Amounts under $25.00 will carry over to the next payout.

Can parent groups get a check (instead of the principal)?
Target sends every check to the attention of each school's principal. The decision on how to disburse the funds is left to the discretion of the principal.

I don't have a REDcard. Can I enroll in Take Charge of Education?
The Take Charge of Education Program requires the use of one of the REDcards® - which include Target Credit Card® ,Target Debit Card ,Target® Visa® Credit Card. You can apply for the Target Credit Card, Target Debit Card in our stores. We are no longer accepting applications for Target® Visa® Credit Card.

How do I designate a school?
Click here to sign up and enter ST JAMES SCHOOL or our school ID# 7297 to view and designate your current school.

Can I designate a new school?
Yes, to change your school designation, You can call 1-800-316-6142 or simply go to Click here

Are there any restrictions on how Take Charge of Education funds can be used?
Target does not restrict how schools use their Take Charge of Education funds. Schools can use the money however they see fit. Some schools might purchase books, computers or playground equipment, others might use the money for field trips, new programs or to pay for substitute teachers.

Is there a limit on how much money my designated school can receive?
There are no limits regarding the amount of money your school can receive.

Can I get a list of names of people who designated my school?
No, guest participation is confidential. Target does not provide this type of information.

What percentage of my REDcard purchases does Target donate?
For cardholders enrolled in the program, Target donates 1% of all REDcard purchases made at Target and to the eligible K-12 school of your choice.

Can I split my contributions between two or more schools?
You can't designate two schools, but you can change your designated school at any time.